If you want to dig deeper into gardening, you are on fertile ground. Plow through our pages to find all the dirt on gardening in the MidSouth and activities of local Master Gardeners. We are compost of people from all parts of the country, both natives and transplants. Our knowledge stems from classes offered by the UT Extension in Shelby County. Rooted in a tradition of Tennessee volunteerism, we branch out, growing community projects and planting seeds of knowledge wherever we can cultivate an audience. Weed love for you to learn more about us so you can reap the rewards of good gardening. Leaf a message for the webmaster if you have any questions.





 Master Gardener Scholarships available
for 2017 High School Graduates and a College level student                                                                                             

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 Need a speaker? As a community service, the Memphis Area Master Gardeners provides a diverse group of speakers, at no charge, to schools, clubs, and other interested organizations. All topics are horticulture related. 

A minimum of three weeks' advance notice is required. We will try to fulfill each request. Please include your name, phone number, and email address, group name, date, time and location of meeting and number of attendees.

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This week on the Family Plot: Gardening in the Mid-South, retired UT Extention Agent, Mike Dennison, shows how to spray a peach tree. Also, Debbie Bruce from Wild Birds Unlimited shows how to put up a birdfeeder.

 Host:  Chris Cooper

 Mike Dennison 
UT Extension Agent, Retired 

Debbi Bruce   
Wild Birds Unlimited

You can watch previous episodes online at  http://www.familyplotgarden.com/full-episodes-online.html

The Family Plot: Gardening in the Mid-South, airs Saturday, April 22nd at 3:00 pm and Sunday, April 23rd at 12:30 pm on WKNO/Channel 10. It also airs Thursday, April 27th at 11:00 am  and Saturday, April 29th at 2:00 pm on WKNO2 (available over the air on Channel 10.2 and on Comcast Digital Cable channel 910).

Production Funding for The Family Plot: Gardening in the Mid-South is provided by Good WInds Landscape and Garden Center, International Paper Foundation, and  Dixon Gallery & Gardens.



What does go on at the


Extension Service?

Check out this interview with

Dr. Christopher Cooper

and Debby Hall of WREC




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Frosty Morning at CVG

Master Gardeners at Habitat construction site.

Memphis Area Master Gardener Demonstration Garden

Plant A Row (PAR)


Foods produced by Memphis Area Master Gardeners: 

            PAR- Davies  - 1354 lbs   2016

  PAR Collierville Victory Garden -  3418 lbs   2016

and 640  zinnia bouquets

Given to:   Collierville Food Pantry,Resurrection Catholic School and Fayette County Project Outreach,

Salvation Army Center of Hope,

 and the YWCA Women's Shelter

MAMG 2016 Poundage: 4772 pounds

The Victory Garden video (click to view)

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