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PAR Davies Bench
PAR Davies Bench
Inspiration and opportunity came together to give an old bed a beautiful and exciting life as a garden bench. This summer at PAR Davies, we began to discuss what could be done to make the garden more comfortable and inviting. Garden seating was among the possibilities we considered. A few days later I saw a DIY project in Birds and Blooms magazine (Aug/Sept 2011) that was perfect! I had just gotten a new bed and the old headboard was collecting dust in my garage. I do hate to throw anything out! Bob Hathaway was intrigued by the project and went to work on it. Most of the bench is made from refashioned bed parts and some scrap lumber. We only had to purchase the seat boards, some hardware, and paint. The folks at Davies let us use their barn to assemble the project and just smiled when I made a mess with the paint (note to self: use tarps!). We still need to embellish the bench with the PAR and MAMG logos. Anyone up for the job?

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