Who are Tennessee Master Gardeners?


Tennessee Master Gardeners are trained volunteers who help the local Extension Service share gardening information with the community. All volunteers are initially trained through 40 hours of classroom teaching and 40 hours of hands-on experience. Master Gardeners who continue to participate in the program after completing their initial training provide at least forty hours of service annually and continue to learn with a minimum of eight continuing education hours each year. 

State-wide, there are approximately 2,438 active Master Gardeners in 57 counties. For the 2014 fiscal year, Tennessee Master Gardeners provided 177,693 volunteer hours which is equivalent to $3.5 million worth of services. Nationally, there are approximately 94,865 active Master Gardener volunteers in the United States and Canada who provided 5.2 million volunteer hours in 2009 which had a value of $101.4 million.

The Master Gardener Program is offered by The University of Tennessee Extension. Its main goal is to increase the availability of horticultural information to improve quality of life with community garden/landscape programs. This is only possible through the training and utilization of volunteers, known as Master Gardeners. The Memphis Area Master Gardeners (MAMG) provide services to Shelby County under the supervision of the University of Tennessee Shelby County Extension Service.

What does a Master Gardener do? 

Some examples of activities include:  

  • Developing educational programs/activities related to urban horticulture
  • Conducting educational seminars
  • Designing and implementing Community Involvement Projects
  • Coordinating Master Gardener training programs
  • Working with the handicapped, the youth, the elderly and other special groups in the community
  • Providing Plant Clinics
  • Answering phone requests for horticultural information
  • Writing news articles
  • Establishing and Maintaining Demonstration Gardens
  • Conducting fundraising for better environmental projects                                  

Recent Educational Programs provided by Memphis Area Master Gardeners: 

Spring Fling Seminars

         Native Plants

         Urban Chickens

         Gardening for Cut Flowers

         Plants of the Ancient World

Plant Camp

Dream Team Gardening Presentations

Community Presentations on:

  • "Perennials"
  • "Safety in the Garden"
  • "Container Gardening"
  • "Spring Ephemerals"
  • "Fruits,Vegetables, Figs for the Urban Gardener"
  • "Talking Dirt-Soil Basics & Compost"
  • "How Your Plants Grow"
  • "Tomatoes & Other Nightshades"
  • "Tools, Picks & Pans"
  • "Recycle Right: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle"

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Memphis Area Master Gardeners provide services for many community and civic organizations, including the ones below:

         Habitat for Humanity

         Oaklawn Garden

         PAR Davies

         PAR Collierville Victory Garden

         Davies Manor Plantation

         Lichterman Nature Center

         Memphis Botanic Garden

         Dixon Garden and Galleries

         Memphis Zoo


Is this Program for You? Ask yourself these questions: 

Do you have an interest in any of the volunteer areas mentioned above?

Do you have a desire to share the joy of gardening with others?

Do you want to teach others more about nature and their environment?

Do you have 80 hours this year to train (40 hours in a classroom setting) and volunteer (40 hours) for your community?

If you answered "Yes" to these questions, please contact your Memphis Area Master Gardener Volunteer Program.

UT/TSU Shelby County Extension Office
Agricenter International - Suite B, Box 21
7777 Walnut Grove Rd,
Memphis TN 38120.
Phone: 901-752-1207 Fax: 901-752-6240