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August 2020: Tomato Issues in the Garden

July 2020: Japanese Beetles Are Here and Leaving a Trail of Destruction Behind!

June 2020: The Tennessee Extension Master Gardener Program

May 2020: Tips for Buying Plants That Are Good For Your Landscape and Pollinators

April 2020: My Nature Run

March 2020: Extension Month in Tennessee

December 2019: 2020 gardening in Shelby County Calendar

Nov.2019: If You Want Your Flowers to Pop, Plant Dusty Miller

October 2019: It's Raining Leaves, Early!

August 2019: How Healthy Is Your Landscape? Part II

July 2019: How Healthy is Your Landscape?

June 2019: The Tennessee Extension Master Gardener Program

May 2019: Let's Talk Herbs!

April 2019: The Beautiful Flowering Dogwood Tree

March 2019: Spring Fling 2019

February 2019: For the Love of Plants

January 2019: January Gardening Considerations

December 2018: December Gardening Considerations

November 2018: Shelby County Gardening Calendar

October 2018: Garden Chyrsanthemeums

September 2018: Fall Gardening Tips

August 2018: Plant of the Month: Rose-of-Sharon

July 2018: Summer Heat Safety in the Garden

June 2018: What is the Tennessee Extension Master Gardener Program?

May 2018: Diagnosing Plant Diseases

April 2018: Are they Nature's wildflowers or weeds?

March 2018: Spring Fling- Extension Month

February 2018: Show the Seeds Some Love!

January 2018: Cold Weather and Landscape Plants

December 2017: Gifts for the Gardener

November 2017: New Additions to My Fall Garden: Dusty Miller and Swiss Chard

October 2017: The Dreaded Rose Rosette Disease!

September 2017: Planting Fall Wildflowers

August 2017: Not All Plants Like It Hot

July 2017: Squash Vine Borers are the Worst!

June 2017: Tree Roots

May 2017: Low Impact Pest Control

April 2017: Aphids: Beware of those Sapsuckers!

March 2017: Extension Month

February 2017:Soil Love

January 2017: Storm Damaged Trees

December 2016: The Beauty of the Holiday Season

November: Flowering Bulbs for Spring

October 2016: Fall Seasonal Color

September 2016: When the Armyworms Come Marching In

August 2016: A New Threat to Boxwood Species

July 2016: Some Bugs Are Our Friends

June 2016: TN Extension Master Gardener Program

May 2016: Poison Ivy: Leaves of three......

April 2016: Redbud: A Beautiful Sign of Spring

March 2016: March is Extension Month her in Tennessee

February 2016: What is composting all about?

January 2016: Getting Rid of Pesticides

December 2015: Things to Consider for December Gardening

November 2015: November Landscape Tasks

October 2015:What Happens To Insects When Temperatures Change?

September 2015: Ornamental Disease Updates

August 2015: Honeybees

July 2015: Dahlias

June 2015: Don't Let Ticks Spoil Summer Fun

May 2015: Chinese Privet

April 2015: A Healthy Garden

March 2015: March is Extension Month

February 2015: Getting Cut Flowers to Last

January 2015: Protect Those Plants

December 2014: Poinsettias

Nov 2014: November Plant of the Month: Ginkgo

October 2014: Fall Color Display

September 2014: September Garden Tasks

August 2014: Crapemyrtle Bark Scales: They Are Here!

July 2014: Vegetable Garden Disease Control

June 2014:What's Killing the Roses?

May 2014: Slugs and Snails in the Garden

April 2014: Protecting Your Plants from a Frost

February 2014: Icy Trees and Shrubs

January 2014: Cold Damage to Fruit Trees

December 2013: December Gardening Gift Ideas and Tips

November 2013: November Garden Tips

October 2013: October gardening tips from the UT Gardens

September 2013: September Gardening

August 2013: Container Gardening is really catchin on!

July 2013: Where are the Honeybees?

June 2013: Earthworms- A Gardener's Friend

May 2013: Companion Planting: Friends in the Garden

April 2013: A Deadly Disease Stalks Garden Impatiens

March 2013: What Are You Eating In Your Yard?

February 2013: Using Cover Crops in the Home Garden

January 2013: UT Gardens Plant of the Month- The Small Anise Tree

December 2012: O Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree!

November 2012: UT Gardens November Plant of the Month- Beautyberry

October 2012: Fall is finally here!

September 2012: Gardening Tips from UT Gardens

August 2012: Rainbarrels

July 2012: Tips On Heat Realated Illness

June2012:Master Gardener Application Are Now Available

May 2012:Baptisia

April 2012 Plant of the Month UT Gardens: Lungwort

March2012: Mulch- it does a garden good

February2012: Five Easy to Grow Houseplants

January 2012: Poinsettia after Christmas Care

December 2011: Winter Garden Tips

November 2011: What To Do With All Of Those Fallen Leaves

October 2011:Fall Harvest Display

September 2011: Backyard Wildlife

August 2011: Does Your Yard Measure Up

July 2011:Summer Lawn Care

June 2011:MG Applications are available

May 2011: After the Flood is Over

April 2011: Lawn Care Management

March 2011:7th Annual Spring Fling Garden Show and Sale

February 2011: Pruning Peach Trees

January2011:Knowing When To Prune

December 2010: Deck the Halls With Boughs of Holly

November 2010:Memphis Area Master Gardeners Projects get Educational Recognition

October 2010: Pumpkins

September 2010:Fall Webworms Are Back With A Vengeance

August 2010: Trees Need Water Too

July 2010: Shelby County Piloting Home Landscape Program

June 2010- Master Gardener Application

May 2010-Service to the Community

April 2010-Plan Now to Keep Wildlife from Raiding Vegetable Gardens

March 2010-Memphis Area Master Gardeners 6th Annual Spring Fling

February 2010-Crape Murder Is A Crime

January 2010:Plants and Cold Weather


December 2009: Pansies

November 2009: Planting Spring Flowering Bulbs

October 2009: Fall is for Planting Trees and Shrubs

Sept 2009:When Lightning Strikes

August 2009: Late Blight of Tomato

July 2009:Landscape Water Conservation the Seven Principles of Xeriscape

June 2009: Deadheading For Extended Bloom

May 2009: Sow To Grow

April 2009: Petunias

February 2009: Garden Love



January 2009
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