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Care of Houseplants through the Winter

Care of Houseplants through the Winter

Happy 2023!  Are you ready for another gardening year?  Old Man Winter is here and we will see what he brings.  Recently I have received a number of questions about winter houseplant care.  To ensure your indoor plants survive the winter, there are a few things you need to consider.

Monitor how plants you brought indoors adjust to their new environment.  It is important to understand that your homes are drier and darker than outdoors.  This can cause plant leaves to yellow and drop for a few weeks after being brought indoors.  If leaves continue to drop, check for disease or the presence of insect pests.

Plants that have been growing indoors will transition with the season.  Plant growth will slow due to lower light levels.  As a result, no fertilizer and less water are needed.  Overwatering is the primary culprit behind plant death.  Allow the soil media to completely dry before watering again. 

Humidity is another critical aspect to monitor for houseplants.  In the winter, most indoor environments lack sufficient humidity for healthy indoor plant growth.  Many indoor plants will benefit from treatments to raise the humidity in their vicinity.  Grouping plants together in a room will collectively raise the humidity in that area.

Remember to keep plants away from areas of extreme temperatures.  If possible, avoid keeping plants near cold drafts, radiators, and air vents.  Do not allow leaves to touch windows as cold temperatures can damage the plant.

If you need additional information about houseplant care, please reach out to me at 901-752-1207.  We have two new Extension publications on houseplant care and other gardening topics that will help you become a better gardener in 2023.

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