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The Perfect Lawn

The definition of the “Perfect Lawn” is as individual as you.  For some, the perfect lawn resembles an area rug in the yard, or no

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Get your 2021 Calendar

More Than Just A Calendar! This Is Your Go To Gardening Resource
Inside You Will Find:
  • Contact information for Shelby County horticultural resources
  • Special content; How to grow tomatoes, Why hydrangeas don’t bloom, Tips to reduce garden maintenance
  • Kitchen Garden Planting & Harvesting Guide
  • Monthly Gardening Task List
  • Daily Tracking of Each Month’s Public
  • Gardening Events
  • New format allows you to schedule personal appointments
  • Exclusive online content including; Demystifying Hydrangeas, Guide to 12 months of garden blooms and more!
Available Nov 12, 2020 – Dec 11, 2020 Makes a great gift for any gardener, Only $15 with free shipping! Also available beginning 11/14 at: Novel Bookstore, Wild Birds Unlimited, Dan West Garden Centers, Urban Earth, Dabney Nursery, Memphis Botanic Garden, Millstone Nursery, Palladio Gardens, Cooper Young Farmers Market and Dixon Gallery & Gardens while supplies last.

Ask A Master Gardener

For the best, regionally specific advice you can get about gardening, speak to a Master Gardener. You may call the Horticulture Hotline or visit one of our ‘Ask A Master Gardener’ clinics held throughout the year at festivals, markets, and workshops.

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