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Give Your Garden a Gift this Christmas Season

Give Your Garden a Gift this Christmas Season

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! During this Christmas season, many of us are thinking about gifts for loved ones rather than working in the garden. I am here to remind you to remember your garden this holiday season.

Here are a few things you can do for your garden during the month of December:

1. Get your soil tested. If your soil is acidic, you will get a lime recommendation. This would be a great time to apply lime. Lime can take time to react with the soil. Winter applications will help prepare the soil for spring planting.

2. It is always a good practice to clean up your garden space and then remove dead or dying plant material. This will prevent diseases and pests from overwintering and creating problems in the spring.

3. Start thinking about what you would like to plant next season. Seed catalogs and garden magazines are wonderful resources for this.

4. To assure poinsettias look fresh and colorful during the holidays, place them in an area that receives bright but not direct sunlight. Check the soil on a regular basis to prevent drying out but do not water to excess.

5. Fertilize and deadhead pansies in your garden to keep them flowering during the winter. If you must fertilize, use a general all-purpose fertilizer.

6. Don’t forget to recycle your Christmas tree after the holiday season. Look for Christmas tree recycling locations.

7. This is the time to sharpen, oil, and put away tools that were used during the growing season. Sand down wooden handles as well.

These are great gifts for your garden! Consider doing a few of these tasks in between shopping for gifts. Your garden will appreciate it. Take care and enjoy the holiday season!

Photo Credits: Julie Morgan; The Impatient Gardener; Beaufort Govt

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