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How Healthy is Your Landscape?- Part I

How Healthy is Your Landscape?- Part I

The dog days of summer are here! The inevitable heat and humidity of summer in the Mid-South has arrived. This makes it challenging to get out in the yard and do any work. There are a few landscape principles I would like for you to consider this summer that will help create healthier spaces and communities.

  • Right plant, right place. Plants selected to suit a specific site require less water, pesticides, and pruning.
  • Manage soils and mulch. Appropriate mulch management helps retain soil moisture, prevent erosion, and increase root growth.
  • Recycle. Compost grass clippings, leaves and yard trimmings. Avoid piling along roads or in ditches.
  • Water efficiently. Efficient watering is key to a healthy landscape and the conservation of a precious resource.
  • Use fertilizer appropriately. Follow soil test recommendations for fertilizer application.
  • Reduce stormwater and pollutants. Water running off your yard can carry pollutants such as soil, fertilizer, and pesticides that degrade water quality.

Incorporate these principles in your gardening routine and watch your landscape come to life! These landscape principles will aid in achieving a sustainable landscape that reflects your eco-friendly values and needs while simultaneously protecting our invaluable waterways. Until next time, stay cool!

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