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Let’s Talk Herbs!

Let’s Talk Herbs!

After all of the April showers, May should be a beautiful month in the garden! I have recently been getting questions about growing herbs in the garden. Let’s talk a little about those tasty herbs.

Surprisingly, the foliage and flowers of herbs are a beautiful accompaniment to the garden. They blend seamlessly with other flowers and plants. Planting ornamental herbs in mass will create an unexpected artful design element in the garden. Herbs plants are usually grown for their flavor, fragrance, or medicinal properties. Herbs are used for flavoring teas and food. Many of the herbs grown in our area thrive in full sun. One of the key recommendations I make to gardeners is that herbs prefer a well-drained soil with plenty of organic matter (humus) present. A good pH for growing herb is between six and seven.

Oils in the plant tissue of herbs provide the scent and flavors that we love. If your plants have a weak flavor, it can be because of high fertilization, excess moisture and too much shade. Harvest your herb plants right before it flowers as the oil content is at its highest at that time.

Many of popular herbs can be started from seed. Perennial herbs are usually propagated by stem cuttings, crown divisions and layering. Herb plants, whether annuals or perennials, can be found at local garden centers and nurseries in town.

One of the great things about planted herbs is they have few pests and diseases. If you detect a pest or disease and can’t identify it or don’t know how to control it, please fill free to reach out to me and let’s get that problem resolved!

Some of the more popular herbs in this area are basil, dill, garlic, mint, rosemary, sage and thyme. There are many more that will thrive here in the Mid-South whether they are an annual that is planted every year or a biennial that is planted in the fall and flower the following year.

Incorporate beautiful edible herbs in your garden design! You will enjoy their fragrance and the bees will love you!

Until next time, have fun planting!

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