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Planting Fall Wildflowers

Planting Fall Wildflowers

September is here which means fall is upon us. Fall is a great time to be out in the garden! Now is a good time to plant those trees and shrubs that you recently purchased from the nursery. Autumn is also the ideal time to sow wildflower seeds.

Wildflowers add interest and beauty to your landscape while at the same time attracting various forms of wildlife. Some wildflower varieties can be used for cut or dried flower arrangements. Wildflower species can be annuals, perennials or biennials.

Wildflowers require little maintenance. There are several things to consider when adding wildflowers to your garden. Be sure to select the right wildflowers for your habitat. Wildflowers have specific soil, light and moisture needs to thrive.

Location is very important. Sun-loving plants need adequate sunlight for optimum growth. Shade-loving plants will thrive best in shady or lightly shaded areas.

Most wildflowers require well-drained soil. There are some species of wildflowers that can tolerate poorly drained or boggy-type soil conditions. Many of the wildflower species have a wide tolerance of pH conditions. Wildflowers tend to grow best at a soil pH ranging from 5.5 to 7.0. It would be best to get your soil tested to determine the pH and fertility levels of the site where you would like to plant. It is best if the soil has been prepared prior to broadcasting wildflower seeds. Seeds can be broadcast over undisturbed soil but the germination rate may be lower than expected. Remember that seed to soil contact is essential. Water that area thoroughly after planting.

The following are a few suggested wildflower seeds for sowing in the fall:


Black-eyed Susan
Plain Coreopsis
Lemon Mint
Partridge Pea


Little Blue Stem
Sideoats Grama
Splitbeard Bluestem

Perennial Grasses

Swamp Sunflower
Mexican Hat
Butterfly Weed
Purple Coneflower

Take advantage of the fall weather, get out, and plant some wildflowers! Those are my plans!

Until next time, happy gardening!

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