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Planting Newly Purchased Trees and Shrubs in the Landscape

Planting Newly Purchased Trees and Shrubs in the Landscape

Fall is just around the corner. This is the ideal time of year to plant the trees and shrubs
that you have on your wish list! Recently, I have been receiving questions about
planting trees and shrubs in the home landscape.

Before you plant trees and shrubs, check the soil pH and nutrient levels by getting your
soil tested. You can pick up soil test kits here at the Shelby County Extension Office. Be
sure to select the appropriate plant for your landscape. I always recommend disease
and pest-resistant cultivars if they are available. Make sure to locate all underground
utilities before digging!

It is best to plant trees and shrubs in the fall, winter and early spring. Summer planting
can be stressful on trees and shrubs and should be avoided if possible.

Please do your research before purchasing trees or shrubs. Choose the appropriate tree
or shrub for the amount of sunlight that it needs to grow to its full potential. The site
should be large enough to accommodate the plant when it is fully mature. Most trees
and shrubs require well-drained soil.

To avoid wind damage, cover the foliage with a tarp or plastic sheet if the plant will be
transported in the back of an open truck. Protect the trunk from damage during loading
and unloading. When you get your new tree or shrub home, be certain that the roots
remain moist.

Always lift plants by their container or root ball. When it is time to plant, do not lift the
plants or trees by the stem or trunk when removing a plant or tree from the original
container. Plant trees and shrubs as soon as possible. If this is not feasible, water them
regularly and protect the roots until planted.

Keep new plants, trees and shrubs well-watered throughout the first few years, even
during the winter months. Remember to check regularly for pest or disease issues. If
you have any questions, please give me a call (901-752-1207). I am happy to assist you!

Photo Credits: UTIA Extension;;; mediashare

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