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The Beauty of the Holiday Season

The Beauty of the Holiday Season

Is it really December? Where has the year gone? One minute I was cutting grass and now it is time to decorate for the holiday season. There is nothing like beautiful holiday decorations! Did you know that some of the best places to look for holiday greenery might be in your own landscape? I have heard UT Horticulturist Jason Reeves mention this many times.

Greenery that you gather for your own garden will be fresher than any that you can buy. Your landscape may also provide a wider variety of greenery. Understand that when gathering greenery from nearby trees and shrubs that you are actually pruning the plants. Be conscientious when deciding which branches to cut and which to leave. You want to be sure to preserve the natural form of the plant when pruning.

Many kinds of greenery can be used to produce holiday decorations. A few favorites that come to mind are pines, firs and cedars. They can last for several weeks if properly cared for. Some others that come to mind are hollies (female plants display bright red berries), junipers (fragrant, green or silver-blue foliage), magnolias (glossy, dark green leaves with velvety, brown undersides) and spruce (attractive because of its color).

Remember to be careful when you have fresh greenery indoors. Never place those decorations near heat sources such as heaters, vents, or sunny windows. Keep greenery away from fireplaces and candles. Check the greenery every few days for freshness. If they are starting to dry out, either replace or remove them. Keep the plants away from kids and curious pets as poisonous berries are found on such plants as holly plants and mistletoe.

Decorating for the holidays with fresh greenery seems to be very popular these days. I hope I have inspired you to decorate with evergreens. It adds such natural beauty to our homes. Well, I better get to work and start decorating my home!

Until next year, have a wonderful holiday season!

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