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Winterize Your Yard for Spring

Winterize Your Yard for Spring

Happy New Year! Let’s get this new garden year off to a great start. As a result of last year’s pandemic, a new generation was introduced to gardening. I recently read an article that stated over 20 million new gardeners have joined the gardening community in 2020. That is a startling number and very encouraging! Many of the new gardeners I talked with mentioned the connection with nature and the ability to grow fresh food as one reason they have joined our gardening ranks.

Many new gardeners are asking questions about spring garden preparation. Here are a few things you can do to prepare your landscape for spring:

  1. Clean up your garden: Practice good sanitation and get rid of leftover plant debris in your flower and vegetable beds. Plant debris offers an environment for disease spores and fungi to overwinter.
  2. Put down a layer of mulch: Mulch can suppress weeds, regulate soil temperature, conserve moisture and help prevent compacted soil. You need no more than two to three inches of mulch in your beds. Keep it away from the stem of your woody plants.
  3. Get your soil tested: If you have not done this yet, what are you waiting for? If lime is needed to raise the pH of the soil, this is a good time to make that application. We have soil test kits available at the Shelby County Extension office.
  4. Read garden reference materials: The winter season is the perfect time to catch up on the latest gardening tips. Garden magazines, books and publications can provide a wealth of information to the gardener, whether novice or expert. New plants, new garden techniques and new trends in gardening make for good reading.

These tips will help get your spring garden get off to a great start! If you have gardening

questions, please contact me at 901-752-1207. I am more than happy to help! Take care out there and be safe!

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